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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. - PR. 27:17

Welcome TO Iron Sharp...

Iron Sharp is more than just a gym, we are a group of people constantly looking for ways to improve every aspect of our lives.  To #liveironsharp is to recognize there's a LOT more to fitness and health than the 60 min spend in our CrossFit gyms. 

We like to start with your "WHY".  Why do you wake up in the morning?  Why do you go to work?  Why do you spend time with your family?  Why did you come to Iron Sharp in the first place?  

Understanding your why will give you a much greater DRIVE when the going gets tough.  We take time to understand that you are here to prevent the unhealthy medical conditions your parents have, to motivate your children and be able to play with them, to get your energy back to be able to work better.  We understand that these are some of your why's and this is what motivates you.  In order to accomplish these things you MUST stay healthy and injury free!

We run everyone through an initial consult and movement assessment to ensure we can serve you best.  We individualize the group program for your best needs!

Iron Sharp, Home of CrossFit 27:17 and East Brandon CrossFit are REDEFINING GROUP FITNESS WITH AND INDIVIDUAL TOUCH!

Class Schedule:

Monday & Friday- 5:00a.m.
Monday-Friday: 6:00am / 8:30am / 12:15pm / 3:30pm / 4:30pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm 
*No 6:30pm class on Fridays
Saturday: 10:00am

Partners of Iron Sharp


Shelia has been with us over a year now and has huge success!  She's a regular mom who was terrified to step foot into our doors for the first time (first several times actually).  Read more about her success below!
How long have you been a member of Iron Sharp?
I have been a member of the Iron Sharp family for just over a year - 15 months to be exact.
Why did you decide to get help with your fitness routine?
There were several factors. My husband being one. He has loved CrossFit since the Marine Corps and wanted to get involved with a local gym. Then there was my son. I was bigger than I have ever been just from not being active. I didn't want him to think that was ok. I want him to have a good example of what living a healthy lifestyle is. Plus I had a closet full of clothes that I couldn't wear because they didn't fit anymore. I had to do something because nothing wasn't getting me anywhere I wanted to be.
What are the biggest changes you've seen in yourself being a part of the Iron Sharp family?
Although I'm not overflowing in confidence, I have a lot more than I had a year ago. I've made some pretty amazing friends. I've pushed myself harder and done things I never thought I would or could do. Plus, probably 98% of the clothes in my closet fit again!
What was your biggest fear before starting at Iron Sharp?
My biggest fear, honestly, was failure. I didn't think I could learn. I've never done anything like CrossFit before. I never played sports or took gymnastics. I belonged to a traditional gym in years past but nothing like this...I didn't think I could use more than a 10-15lb weight or learn to do a pull-up or jump onto a 20" box or anything beyond squats and sit-ups. 
I believe God's purpose for each of us is all encompassing--it reaches not just into the spiritual part of our lives but the mental and physical as well. How can we be the best "us" we can be if we aren't the healthiest we can be in all of those areas?  I say that to say I was so torn about whether to join Iron Sharp with my husband or go back to the traditional gym where I'd be the only one who would see if I failed. So I prayed. Sounds silly but I did. I asked the Lord to show me where He wanted me to be. I literally asked Him to close the door if I chose the wrong place. A day or two later, when I went to sign up at the other gym, they were closed (and I don't mean just for the day). 
If you were talking to someone on the fence about joining, what would you say?
I would say do it, and don't look back! This has been such a great experience for me. You will never be ready to step outside your comfort zone. You just have to step out there, and you have to realize that everyone else had to take that first step too. Everyone in the gym from the athletes to your classmates to the coaches wants to see you succeed just as bad as you do, and they won't let you fail. Each day you come you will be stronger and better and faster than the day before. You have no idea what you are capable of until you try!

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